We've released three full length studio albums so far

Shadow and Light, released in June 2014 

The songs it comprises of are written about personal milestones and obstacles, about the eternal mystery that we call life and the little everyday things that matter to us most.

Elements, released in March 2016 

An album on the different perspectives to love. Most of the songs are centered around varied perspectives of love. ‘Saavre’ is about intoxicated love, ‘Tum’ - is about a more stable and satiable form of love, and ‘Seeker’ is about being tricked into falling in love. Some of the songs are reflective of the band’s state of mind while they were composed, like ‘Arzoo’, which talks of the ups and downs that aspirants battle in the pursuit of their dreams or ‘Broken Boundaries’ which describes the tumulus process of writing a new song. ‘Dheemi’ and ‘Elements’ are comparatively less intense, with the idea of personifying and/or de-personifying the idea of happiness. ‘Baras’ is a composition of parallel stories set against the backdrop of rain. While ‘Viraha’ is a multilayered Bandish style composition with a definite classical influence, ‘Dua’ is layered heavily in meaning and poetry, hinting at the fine line between need and want. The artwork has been done by Kritika Kushwaha and has pictorial elements that specifically represent each song. And the band leaves that subjective interpretation to their listeners.

Sabar, released in Feb 2018 

Drawing inspiration from the process of creation and growth, Sabar is a melange of intense emotional experiences, expressed through poignant songwriting and contemporary - classical compositions. The title is an adaptation of the Arabic word 'Sabr' signifying 'patience' and is a musical testimony to the idea of holding your own ground and allowing the universe to present all opportunities for growth. The songs are written from a wide variety of perspectives on gratitude, grief, contempt, perseverance, inspiration, and aspiration. Released to critical acclaim, Sabar has crossed over 1.5 million plays on Saavn alone.
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